A Phase 2 Remember

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“And it’s time for the 21st V-O-G-U-E”
These lines kick-started a journey which was going to be the best experience of my life.
Phase 2 was a feeling which we all experienced, but even though it’s over it will never be just another memory. Thinking back, those 8 days of happiness and hardwork flashed past us too quickly. It was already a special Vogue as we’ve never seen 30 schools before, but I never expected each student from each school to have such a special place in my heart.
I got an opportunity to work in the best Organising Committee with the best set of people. The workaholics in the OC always gave me the motivation to work more and more everyday and they created the best Phase 2 we could have ever asked for.
PHASE 2 has been a magic box of opportunities for me. Everyday was a new day. We always started from scratch and created memories worth remembering. Everyone was a leader everyday. I had never imagined that I’d be heading an entire day at the biggest interschool talent and personality competition in the city! Day 3 was an experience that impacted me in the most incredible way. I felt the best when the participants appreciated us for even the smallest of things, and shouted our own club shout along with us just as loudly as we did. We are now a part of their stories, playing an important role in helping them bring the best out of themselves. I had no idea we could transform these shy unfamiliar schoolchildren into a family just like us in such short time. It’s all their hardwork which will make them one of a kind. Even though they say every beginning has an end Phase 2 will stay in our hearts forever.
Phase 3 has taken over but I know that they’ll pull off a Blockbuster on the 9th. They introduced the Phase with style and elegance, but we, the Phase 2 OC couldn’t see much of their inauguration through the tears in our eyes, because the most beautiful thing we created was now over.
What I learned from Vogue:
We often set out trying to  get the best out of the students, the best out of the audience and definitely the best out of our superiors.Vogue was this one journey, where in the process of making every individual a hero, roaring with all its might, we found one living amongst ourselves.
One Word. Infinite Memories.
-Darshit Shah

2 thoughts on “A Phase 2 Remember

  1. Phase 2 of Vogue has been one of the best experiences of my life. When I got selected, I never thought that this would be a journey that would mean so much to me. The amazing workshops, hardworking and playful people I have met will always have a special place in my heart. RCHR did an amazing job and made everyone feel welcome to a new environment. I love all you guys, thank you for making this journey so special and memorable‚̧.

  2. I love Vogue!!!!!!!!!!!
    It has been an amazing experience….. I have met some amazing people through this journey of 8 days. Hats-off to the hard-working OC who made these days extremely memorable…

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