Breaking Glass Ceilings

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Glass Ceilings- Are they unbreakable?

‘Ceilings made of glass ‘ isn’t that what comes to your mind when you hear of ‘Glass Ceilings’? I wish it was so! I wish it was just a mere ceiling made of glass which could shatter into pieces just like that, without struggle, without hustle, without sacrifices. Wondering what’s the struggle I’m talking about?

Well I’m talking about glass ceilings as a metaphor, a barrier that prevents the multi-faceted women from soaring great heights, from walking shoulder to shoulder with men, from getting what they truly are capable of! For a matter of fact, in the United States women account for nearly half of the workforce but less than 10% are managers and even if they hold a higher position they earn less than their counterparts. Why? Just because the society is yet male dominant and hypocritic?

Along the ages, women have evolved like no other species on this planet could ever do. They are flying high with wisdom, precision, touching the silky clouds of success and caressing the mighty stars. They aren’t afraid of failure, but believe in living deep , right into the depth of oceans and swim unharmed in the midst of sharks. But, oh! What about this vast ocean of inequality and the overhanging men? Along the ages, women achieved everything, snatched victory from the jaws of defeat but haven’t achieved equality with men and if it goes on like this, they never will. There will always be someone or something! The PATRIARCHY will ALWAYS STAY.

No I’m not saying that changes haven’t taken place. But what we need is not just respect, concern and special provisions. All we need is an equal chance of opportunities, equal chances of failures and success, EQUALITY- not above, nor below but side to side.

It’s time when we all join hands and form a shield so strong, so vibrant and so rightful that all the glass ceilings shatter at our advent!

-Janhavi Kankaria

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