Climbing To The Top

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Don’t climb the mountain with the expectation for the world to see you, but climb it with the expectation for you to see the world.

I remember that day it was the monsoon trek. Didn’t know the club at all. Nor did I follow the rules.  With our bags, through the mucky roads, trying not to slip, who knew we laid the foundation of what was going to turn out to be one hell of a journey. Some music, some jokes, some people and one magnificent waterfall, that’s all it took to get the vibe flowing. After passing one of the most fun times at the waterfall, we moved towards the ever glorified hill that all the seniors called The Real Trek. A few climbed it, a few didn’t, both the sides argued why their decision was the best. In the end, it didn’t matter if you had been for a trek before or not, it didn’t matter if you were the fastest climber, what mattered was,  we were there, all together and in that moment, time stood still. The very first steps into this trek turned out to be the greatest leaps into this organisation. An organisation all of us proudly call Home.
– Now on top of the world,
Rtr. Mann Joshi.

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