Village (Noun):-

A group of houses and associated buildings, larger than a hamlet and smaller than a town, situated in a rural area.

Visit (Verb):- 

Go to see and spend time with (someone) socially or for a specific purpose, such as to give or receive professional advice.


But, is that everything a Village Visit is?

A village visit isn’t just 40 members waking up early to catch a bus that threatens to leave them. It isn’t just listening to music, chirping along, playing games, and gossiping. Village Visit is not merely a visit, it’s an experience. An experience not just for the visitors, but also for the locals, the natives and the residents.

This Village Visit taught us that.

No wonder we woke up early that morning without any regrets. The bags were packed, and the excitement prevailed. It was one hell of a trip, and those infinite memories will be etched in our hearts forever. The silence at the top of the hill, our hands caked in mud, onion peels and our sweat, the crazy tractor ride, the insane Dj night, the wicked bus journey, and lastly, those late night gossips and horror stories. We even got to interact with the cow we playfully nicknamed ‘Bob’, which ended up being a greater source of entertainment than we could ever have imagined.

Even if this was not the perfect trip, we couldn’t have had a better two days.

We took memories with us, and left footprints behind. Wandering around where the network connection was weak created a network of connections between us and that is what made this Village Visit stand out.

The 3rd Village Visit.

My Best Village Visit?


-Esha Thakrar

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